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Celine Dress in 7 sizes XXS-XXL

Celine Dress in 7 sizes XXS-XXL

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Imagine the Celine dress as your go-to summer staple! It's all about effortless style and comfort. You've got this elegant V-neckline that's just so chic, and oh, don't forget about that cute little triangle cutout at the back – it's like a surprise detail that adds a bit of flair.

Now, let's talk about the skirt. It starts right under your bust and flows down in the most graceful way. And the length? Well, it's just short enough to be flirty, but you can totally customize it to your liking!

And those shoulders? They're all relaxed and roll-up style, giving off major laid-back vibes. Plus, the back of the dress is secured with a discreet button and loop, and there's even an invisible zipper seamlessly integrated into the skirt. It's all about those little details that make this dress extra special!


  • Graded in 7 sizes XXS-XXL
  • Detailed Sewing Instructions
  • Detailed Printing Instructions
  • Available in different paper sizes A0/A3/A4 and US Letter
  • Sewing Video Tutorial
  • Instant Download
  • Beginner Friendly

Materials you will need:

  • Light-Medium weight fabric as main fabric (cotton, viscose, linen)
  • Light-Medium weight fabric for the lining(cotton, viscose, linen)
  • 1 zipper 25 cm long ( 10 inches)
  • A little button and a loop for the closure on the neck

With the sewing instructions file, you will receive the exact amount of fabric you need to purchase for each size.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the patterns have instructions?

All my sewing patterns have clear instructions with photos step by step and a sewing video tutorial on youtube to help you on each step.
 The only patterns that don't have sewing instructions are the basic blocks. Please check the description on each listing.

Which format are the pdf files?

Almost all my patterns are in A0/A3/A4 and US Letter format. Check the descriptions on the listings for each sewing pattern.

When will the patterns be available to download?

All the sewing patterns are instant download as soon as the payment is processed and confirmed. A download link with the files will be sent to your email immediately and you will be able to download the files as many times as you need.

Are the measurements accurate or do I have to make alterations?

All the measurements are very accurate for standard body sizes. If your measurements are the same like the belonging size, than you don't have to make alterations. But if your body measurements don't match with any size, than you will need to add or remove cm/inches from the pattern in order to achieve a perfect fit. I always advice to find your matching bust size and then make alterations on the waist. I find it more easy this way. I highly recommend to make a mock up first to check the fitting before cutting the main fabric.